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Senior White House Official Says ‘High Alert’ For Iranian Terror Attack



White House

A Senior Biden Administration official has reportedly told CNN that the White House expects Iran to launch a large counterattack against Israel in the coming days after Israel killed a high ranking Iranian official last week.

The airstrikes reportedly killed two Iranian generals and five officers. AP reported on those airstrikes,

An Israeli airstrike that demolished Iran’s consulate in Syria on Monday killed two Iranian generals and five officers, according to Iranian officials. The strike appeared to signify an escalation of Israel’s targeting of military officials from Iran, which supports militant groups fighting Israel in Gaza, and along its border with

Since the war in Gaza began nearly six months ago, clashes have increased between Israel and Iran-backed Hezbollah militants based in Lebanon. Hamas, which rules Gaza and attacked Israel on Oct. 7, is also backed by Iran.


These airstrikes have reportedly enraged Iranian officials, who are planning a swift counterattack in response. It is still unknown where the Iranians will most likely be targeting.

A CNN reported said from the White House today during a live broadcast,

“We are being told by a senior administration official that the U.S. is currently on high alert and is actively preparing for what they expect to be a significant attack by Iran that could come within the next week or so. This Iranian attack would of course in response to the Israeli airstrike that we saw in Damasacus that ended up killing multiple top Iranian commanders and U.S. and Israeli officials I’m told have been in close contact preparing for what they see as an inevitable attack from Iran. These two governments have been in close consultation preparing for a number of different ways in which this forthcoming attack could unfold and they do believe that both U.S. and Israeli assets are at risk of being targeted.”

CNN Reporter

See a clip of this announcement being made on CNN below,

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