Shane Gillis’ Full Monologue From Epic Saturday Night Live Appearance



Comedian Shane Gillis, who was fired from Saturday Night Live just weeks after being hired in 2019, returned to the iconic show last night as a host.

Gillis was fired in 2019 after video surfaced of him mocking a Chinese person, and also using language that many consider to be ‘homophobic’.

Recently, the standup comedian has made a name for himself in the national podcast circuit, making many appearances on the Joe Rogan Experience, This Past Weekend with Theo Von, and his own show Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast.

The rising star announced just last month that he would be partnering with Bud Light on a new sponsorship deal. Gillis also has a reported 80,000 paid subscribers on his Patreon channel.

His appearances have garnered millions of views, and are often presented in short clips via Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and other platforms. Being known best for his ‘common man’ style, Gillis began the show by addressing the “elephant in the room,” his 2019 firing from the show.

“Yep, I’m here. I was fired from this show a while ago, but don’t look that up, please.”

Shane Gillis during SNL monologue

The comedian joked about members of his family with Down Syndrome, claiming that he ‘dodged’ the disease very closely. The joke elicited a mixed response from the audience, who appeared as if they were unsure whether or not they should be laughing.

You can watch Gillis’ full monologue from Saturday Night Live below…

For Gillis, returning to Saturday Night Live as a host after being fired as a castmember truly has to be sweet. We congratulate the comedian on his tremendous success, and willingness to push the envelope as it pertains to what comedians talk about.

Love them, or hate them, comedians like Gillis who openly go against the proverbial “box,” of censorship and ‘uncomfortable topics,’ especially in the age of cancel culture, are vitally important to the protection and furtherance of free speech.

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