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Smoke From Wildfires Contributing To New York Hazy Sky



New York Skyline

Several wildfires that are currently raging across the Southern United States are reportedly the reason behind the hazy skies today in New York City.

A chart posted by NBC 4 News New York shows the effects of these wildfires across the Eastern United States, see that chart below…

Wildfire Smoke

Airnow has ranked New York’s air quality rating at 71 today, meaning that today’s rating falls into the ‘moderate air quality’ range. The EPA describes that range as, “Air quality is acceptable; however, there may be some health concern for a small number of unusually sensitive individuals.”

For New Yorkers, what they will see today in the form of hazy skies is nothing compared to what they saw last year, when wildfires in Canada dumped scary amounts of smoke into New York skies.

Many New York residents were forced into wearing masks in order to breathe. The smoke is supposed to clear out by Wednesday morning, setting in on Tuesday afternoon.

Last year, the AQI, or air quality index, for New York City was 147. Anything above 150 is considered unhealthy for all populations. Though the density won’t be quite as bad today, it will most likely still be quite noticeable.

We will continue to keep our audience updated on this situation as it develops, as the hazy skies are expected to become visible for New York residents at any time now. If there are any drops in air quality, we will be sure to update you.

How much have environmental policies, designed to protect people, played a role in the creation of these wildfires responsible for the continual smog that hovers over New York City?

Areas across North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina are expected to see denser versions of this haze. Wildfires continue to be a major issue for North America.

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