‘Star Wars’ Actress Maria De Aragon Dies At 81



Maria De Aragon, who played ‘Greedo’ in the Star Wars series, has reportedly died at the age of 81. Unfortunately, the actress was an uncredited contributor to the film.

The late actress, born in Canada, was largely a B-movie actress, starring in smaller films until landing her big role in the legendary science fiction films. She appeared in For Those Who Think Young (1964) and Nightmare in the Sun.

She also had a large role in Come l’amore. The actress was also famously acted in so-called exploitation films. The titles of those films include Blood Mania, The Cremators, Wonder Women, and Teenager.

A cause of death for the late actress has not been revealed, but it has been revealed that she passed away in her native Country of Canada.

Her last film appearance came in 1991, when she played a role in the film Street Wars.

Playing ‘Greedo’ on Star Wars

In her famous role as Greedo in Star Wars, the actress is shot by Harrison Ford portraying the character of Han Solo.

The Star Wars Underworld posted an update announcing her death, saying of the actress, “We are saddened to report the passing of Canadian actress Maria De Aragon at the age of 81. She is best known for portraying Greedo in a number of closeup shots in ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’. Our hearts go out to her friends & family.”

As Star Wars continues to gain popularity, even though it was released over 40 years ago, Aragon’s contribution to film will be viewed for the rest of time.

The series was recently renewed by Disney in a film trilogy that saw astounding box office success. It’s safe to say that Star Wars is amongst the most beloved brands in the world today, boasting a nearly obsessive fan base that is entirely dedicated to it.

George Lucas is a genius, pure and simple.

Rest in peace, Marie De Aragon!

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