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Stone: RFK Jr.’s VP Pick Ends All Delusions He is Worth Supporting for President



This post originally appeared on Roger Stone’s Substack, and has been reposted with his permission.

Last week, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. released the name of his Vice Presidential pick. There had been a lot of fanfare and speculation, with names thrown out like former Minnesota Governor turned 9/11 Truth activist Jesse Ventura and NFL QB Aaron Rodgers, but the pick ended up being wildly underwhelming: obscure attorney and social justice advocate Nicole Shanahan.

Shanahan is best known for being part of a love triangle with her ex-husband Google founder Sergei Brin and Tesla/SpaceX Founder Elon Musk. She was rumored in 2022 to be having a love affair with Musk while still married to Brin, a claim which she vehemently denies. Shortly after the affair rumors circulated through the press, Shanahan and Brin were divorced, with Shanahan receiving a windfall of money in the settlement. This is no doubt what put Shanahan on RFK Jr.’s radar to be his vice-presidential candidate.

Although she was far from a well-known public figure before RFK Jr.’s announcement, Shanahan was no stranger to the world of effete liberal politics living in Silicon Valley and rubbing elbows with tech magnates. She has an appalling record of supporting far-left causes that have turned California into a national laughingstock, saying nary a peep from her privileged perch as the policies she helped to engineer have backfired spectacularly and hurt the people immensely.

Shanahan is the founder and president of the Bia-Echo Foundation, a San Francisco-based private foundation that serves as a money dump into various subversive left-wing causes. Shanahan has overseen $10 million in donations to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF), an organization that gets violent felons back onto the streets and helps illegal invaders circumvent immigration law. The SVCF has an incredible $14 billion in assets, exploiting liberal guilt to amass largesse from some of the world’s richest individuals and corporations, and putting those funds toward the advancement of “gender, racial and economic justice.”

Shanahan also was a major financial supporter of Measure J in Los Angeles County, which is “defund the police” in practice. Measure J forces LA County to spend 10 percent of its locally gathered funds on mental health treatment, housing subsidies, and other programs meant to clear the county’s jails. This money cannot be allocated to law enforcement or prisons and is a step toward revolutionizing the criminal justice system under Black Lives Matter priorities, essentially a new racial caste system.

“I’m happy that I could be a major donor for Measure J in Los Angeles County, which was voted in and will be rerouting some of the law enforcement budget toward mental and social support services,” Shanahan bragged in a 2021 interview with San Francisco magazine.

Shanahan gave a six-figure donation to Los Angeles County district attorney George Gascon, a Soros favorite who is radically anti-police to the point of where even the New York Times is raising questions. Gascon is sitting on a case backlog of 10,000 as his office atrophies due to extreme discontentment over his stubborn willingness to coddle criminals. 120 prosecutors have quit in disgust as crime and degeneracy rise to third-world levels in Gascon’s Los Angeles. This is the type of criminal justice policy that an RFK/Shanahan ticket will promote across America if they win election.

The pick of Shanahan ends the delusions that RFK Jr. is some sort of moderate worthy of consideration from anti-establishment conservatives and independents. RFK Jr. has been a staunch liberal his entire life and deviates from the Democrat orthodoxy in a real way on only the issue of health freedom. He has pushed back against the Big Pharma establishment, but his policies would destroy America just as quickly as those of Joe Biden. It is not enough for disaffected voters to accept someone who is maybe 5% better than Joe Biden on his best day, and that is what RFK Jr. brings to the table.

The independents and conservatives who have fallen under the spell of RFK Jr. are now faced with the reality that there is only one choice to drain the swamp: Donald J. Trump. It is Trump’s chutzpah, his aura, his essence, that makes him into such a force. Comparing Trump to RFK Jr., who is afflicted with a disease causing him a severe speech impediment, is an even more stark contrast than comparing Trump with Jeb! RFK Jr. lacks the personality to be able to overcome the establishment. As RFK Jr. would attempt to build consensus and foster a discussion, the deep state would pulverize him. It is Trump’s wrecking ball approach that is necessary to complete the task that is at hand.

Regardless of any potential disagreements regarding strategy, political endorsements or policy particulars, Trump is the only man who strikes terror into the hearts of the political class. He is their nightmare come to life, and it is the aggrieved American voters who must actualize their horrors and will them into existence. The days of the Uni-party dictating both sides of a national election are over. Because of Trump, Americans have a choice – a stark contrast between two different visions for the future of the nation. This is not the election season where a protest vote can be entertained. RFK Jr., particularly after his appointment of a Big Tech Soros crony as his Vice-Presidential candidate, is not a legitimate option.

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