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Supreme Court Hands Republicans A Win In Louisiana Redistricting Case



Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has ruled today that Louisiana can use a new Congressional map which includes a new majority-Black district.

The court granted emergency requests filed by Republican state officials and civil rights groups, who were united in asking the high court to block a lower court ruling that invalidated the most recently drawn map.

This ruling marks a failure for the Democrats in the State of Louisiana, who were hoping to strike down the new district lines prior to the 2024 Election.

Louisiana officials said they needed to have the map finalized by Wednesday to meet bureaucratic deadlines and avoid “disarray.” The court voted along ideological lines, with the six conservative justices signing off on the ruling.

The three liberal justices on the Court, including the Biden-appointed Justice Kentaji Brown-Jackson, dissented in the case. Brown-Jackson wrote in her dissenting opinion that Louisiana still had time to draw a map that would address the various legal questions that have been raised.

“There is little risk of voter confusion from a new map being imposed this far out from the November election,”

Kentaji Brown-Jackson

This ruling comes just one year after the Supreme Court handed the Democrats in Alabama, situated in the same area of the Nation as Louisiana, a victory in their challenge to a Republican-drawn redistricting.

The Supreme Court ruled in that case that the redrawn district lines were in violation of the Voting Rights Act, and struck down the new lines. In this case, it appears that the court has reversed its stance.

Like in California, Louisiana does not have a normal Primary system, instead using a ‘jungle primary’ system which pits candidates, regardless of party, against each other in the primaries.

This controversial system has been attributed to reward Democrats domination over the State of California.

It appears that the Republican Party of Louisiana has won a tremendous victory prior to the 2024 Election.

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