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Texas Man Gets Just Ten Year Sentence For Murdering His Wife In Their Driveway



Shocking video has spread across social media showing an altercation between a Texas man, Carey Birmingham, and his wife. In the video, Carey is seen holding a shotgun aimed towards his wife, who was filming the incident.

Carey Birmingham was sentenced to just ten years in prison for murdering his wife after learning she had allegedly been having an affair. Immediately after the video ended, Carey fired his weapon three times, killing his wife in their driveway.

Watch the shocking clip below…

Despite the egregious nature of the crime, Carey’s attorney, Anthony Osso, argued that they never tried to justify the actions of their client. Instead, he stated, “It was about why he did what he did.”

The couple’s daughter, Olivia Birmingham, reportedly does not believe that her mother’s murder was a result of “sudden passion.”

In an interview with ABC 13, Olivia stated, “You have to have something. You have to have made that decision within you for a while; I feel like to do something, to do that to someone you really love.”

“No matter what was said in this trial, you know what type of woman she was, and you know what you did and how he took away my favorite person in this world.”

“I lost both my parents that day. My dad died that day, too, because the person who did that to my mom and my father aren’t the same person,”

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Many people on social media have argued that ten years is not sufficient. Given that Birmingham will be eligible for parole in only 5 years, it’s hard to believe that in such an egregious case, the defendant could be released from prison only five years after shooting his wife in the head multiple times in cold blood.

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