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White House Confronted Over Inflation Rhetoric



KJP clip from slingshot twitter

During the White House press briefing this week, Karine Jean-Pierre was asked whether the Biden Administration is concerned about a resurgence in inflation, due to a stall in the deflation measures implemented last year.

Karine Jean-Pierre assured the reporter that the Biden Administration “is doing everything they can to fight inflation.” The White House Press Secretary also stated that the Biden Administration believes inflation is decreasing. But why is it that Americans do not seem to feel the same way about the economy under the Biden Administration?

Jean-Pierre states that inflation has decreased over the past several months, core inflation is at its lowest since 2021, wages have been rising faster than prices over the past year, and fifteen million jobs have been created since the pandemic.

Watch the clip of Karine below…

In reality, overall prices for Americans have increased by 18.6% since Biden took office in 2020. Inflation has remained at or above 3% for thirty-five consecutive months. Jean-Pierre also mentions that the Biden Administration has created 15 million jobs since the pandemic. This can be attributed to the fact that many millions of Americans were forced to leave their jobs during the pandemic and subsequently returned as soon as it ended.

While the Biden Administration continues to portray a positive image for the American people, many Americans are seeing through their data and talking points, and are experiencing the real-life effects of Biden’s policies.

Every day, the American people wake up to more chaos in the news, rising prices at the pump and the grocery store. Yet,when watching the White House press briefing, one might get the impression that America has never been better. However, that perception could not be further from the truth.

KJP clip from slingshot twitter
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