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These Hit Netflix Shows Are Ending in 2024




2024 has been a rough year for television enjoyers. From the ending of Young Sheldon, to the sudden cancellation of network hits such as NCIS: Hawaii, it seems that most fans can’t simply catch a break this year.

If you prefer streaming networks over traditional television networks, don’t worry, you haven’t been spared from the carnage either. The premiere streaming network Netflix has announced that several of their fan-favorite shows will be ending production in 2024.

We don’t want to break your heart, just deliver you the news. Here are the shows that won’t be renewed by Netflix for an additional season after 2024.

Big Mouth (Ending After 8 Seasons)

After debuting in 2016, Big Mouth has become a oddity favorite of many viewers for its crass humor. Make no mistake, this animated series is not meant for children, and leans heavily into the ‘adult cartoon’ realm.

The show, which includes voice actors Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, Jason Mantzoukas, Jessi Klein, and others.

For fans of the animated series, eight seasons of laughs will have to be just enough. Big Mouth, for the time, is halting production.

The Brothers Sun

The Brothers Sun is a series that is described as being about, “When the head of a Taiwanese triad is shot by an assassin, his eldest son, Charles `Chairleg’ Sun, heads to Los Angeles to protect his mother and brother, who’s been completely sheltered from the truth of his family until now.”

The show is halting production in 2024 after a lack of general entusiasm surrounding the show. People simply aren’t interested in this series.

Though it has a small, dedicated following, the series, according to Netfilx, struggled to have a real audience of any capacity. 2024 has yet another casualty.

Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth is a series about a protagonist on a perilous adventure in a post-apocalyptic world, a boy who’s half-human and half deer searches for a new beginning with a gruff protector.

Unfortunately, the series will be ending after just three seasons of production. Fans of the series will be disappointed to know that ‘Sweet Tooth’ also struggled to generate a consistent audience.

The Umbrella Academy

After three seasons in which it seemed to attract a tremendous amount of attention, The Umbrella Academy will cease production in 2024.

The series has generated a tremendous amount of support online, leading many to question why the series is being cancelled.

Simply, it appears that the writers of the show are satisfied with the character arc of all the main characters in the show.

For fans, we know this many be heartbreaking, but sometimes a good ending is better than a drawn out ending that leaves the viewer feeling empty.

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