Tom Green Describes Horrific 3rd Degree Burns With Joe Rogan



Comedian Tom Green, who is described by some as a pioneer of podcasting and internet entertainment, recently appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience to discuss his career, and to update fans on a horrific injury that he suffered.

Green’s last appearance on Rogan’s podcast came in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, when Green was living in a van and driving across the U.S. and Canada. Green has made four overall appearances on the Joe Rogan Experience, the first being in 2010.

In his most recent appearance on the Rogan podcast, which was posted on Friday, February 24th, Green revealed that he had suffered horrific third degree burns on his feet while vacationing in Costa Rica.

Green said about his injury…

I went down there for a vacation, and there was a big bonfire on the beach, and everyone was having fun. I went to bed in the hotel. I wake up, I decide to go back to the bonfire a few hours later, it’s like two in the morning at this point. The fire has gotten a lot smaller. I pick up a piece of driftwood off this beach, this remote beach. I go up to the throw the driftwood on the fire, and the reason the fire had gotten smaller is the people that had been at the fire put out the fire by burying it in the sand, and they buried this huge bonfire that was about the size of this room in sand. Now there was just a little fire with sand covering hot coals about 4 feet leading up to it.

I’m walking up to thing barefoot, in a bathing suit and a tshirt, with a piece of driftwood an my foot goes into the sand, into the hot coals. Immediate realization, I fall back. If I’d fallen forward, my face would be burned. Immediately realized what had happened.

Third degree burns on both feet. The top and bottom of my right foot, and strangely the top of my left foot, not the bottom thankfully. The nerves were completely burned off my feet, so after the initial shock of it I wasn’t in pain, and I looked down, and there’s a couple people came to my assistance and putting water on it. Not feeling anything.

Tom Green on Injury

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