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Trump Asserts Israel Must ‘Finish The Problem’ In Gaza




Former President Donald Trump said on Tuesday said that the Nation of Israel must “finish the problem” in Gaza, showing his support for Israel during their conflict with the terrorist organization Hamas.

Trump, who was open about his support for Israel during his Presidency, was responsible for moving the Israeli Embassy to Jerusalem, an unfulfilled promise made by several Presidents that served before him.

President Joe Biden has also supported Israel during this conflict, but has simultaneously provided aid to Gaza in recent days, and provided aid to Iran, which has in-turn funded the operations of Hamas in Gaza.

The Biden Administration is reportedly working towards a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, but talks have gone nowhere, as over 30,000 casualties have occurred in the conflict to this point, with more dying each day.

When asked whether he was in “Israel’s camp,” and if he is “onboard” with the offensive military operations of the Israeli Military in Gaza by Fox News, Trump responded by saying,

Yeah. You gotta finish the problem.

You’ve had a horrible invasion that took place. It would have never happened if I was president, by the way.

I hate seeing what’s happening again. It would have never happened — this attack on Israel — and, likewise, Israel’s counter attack, which is what it is, would never have happened if I was president.

Trump On Israel-Hamas Conflict

Despite claims that they are attempting to quell the conflict, the U.S. has been flooding Israel with arms, per a report from the Washington Post, in recent weeks. Two of those sales, which have been made public, were for $106 Million in tank ammunition, and $147 Million for components used to make artillery shells.

The U.S. alleges that Iran, Russia, and China have provided the bulk of weapons being used on the Hamas side of this conflict. Russia and China have only started their alliance in the last few years, mainly, since Joe Biden took office.

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration has aided in lifting vital sanctions on Iran, freeing up the Nation to begin exporting large amounts of oil, which sources tell Slingshot News, is being stolen from other Nations like Iraq.

The Biden Administration has also assisted in strengthening Russia by banning Liquified Natural Gas exports from the United States. Russia is one of the U.S.’s main global competitor in the natural gas market.



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