Trump Has Reportedly Discussed Advisory Role With Elon Musk



Elon Musk, whose net worth is currently $197.3 Billion and is the owner of X (formerly Twitter) as well as the founder of Space-X and Tesla, has reportedly discussed a potential advisory role with former President Donald Trump should Trump win the 2024 Presidential Election.

This news was broken in a lengthy piece released by the Wall Street Journal. Trump reportedly discussed a position specifically as it pertains to the Southern Border crisis, as well as the economy.

While it is not known specifically what kind of role Musk would have in a potential Trump Administration come 2025, it appears that the subject has been broached.

Musk has become an increasingly powerful critic of the Biden Administration after purchasing X/Twitter on April 14th, 2022. After purchasing the company, Musk worked with several journalists to release a series of reports called the ‘Twitter Files’ in which it was revealed that U.S. intelligence agencies had established a firm standing at Twitter, and was even overseeing and directing the moderation of content.

In other words, Elon Musk exposed the members of our government had successfully taken control of Twitter’s moderation controls prior to his purchasing of the company. This fact, along with the increasing ineptitude of the Biden Administration as it pertains to the economy, immigration, foreign policy, and virtually every other political front, has pushed Musk further and further towards former President Donald Trump.

X’s Elon Musk Resurgence

Since taking over the platform, Musk has overseen tremendous growth in X’s reach and relevance. Once only decreasing in value and reach, Twitter/X is now on a definite upward trend.

Several Trump allies, including his longest-serving adviser Roger Stone and Infowars’ Alex Jones were reinstated on the X platform after Musk took over the company. It was reported that the two men met at a dinner towards the end of 2023, though nothing was ever reported about what they spoke on.

Musk told one podcaster that he did not intend to meet Trump, and that they just happened to be at the same event and exchanged greetings.

Now it appears that Trump is weighing bringing Musk onto his team as an adviser.

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