Trump Launches Attack On Bill Maher Via Truth Social



Former President Donald Trump launched renewed attacks on Real Time with Bill Maher host Bill Maher last night. The attacks came from Trump’s Truth Social feed, in which the leading Republican Presidential candidate called the comedian ‘the worst.’

The post was made at 12:17am on March 2nd. It reads,

“Bill Maher is the worst! He never got it, and never will. Bad ratings, a big fail on CNN shot, major case of TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME. Not worth the watch!”

Former President Trump on Bill Maher

The post has over 2.9k ‘ReTruths,’ and 12.6k likes on the Truth Social platform. This is not the first time that Trump has publicly criticized Maher for his program on HBO.

On August 12th, 2020, while serving as President of the United States, Trump criticized Maher’s show, calling the comedian ‘SHOT,’ and saying the following in a tweet,

Watched @billmaher last week for the first time in a long time. He’s totally SHOT, looks terrible, exhausted, gaunt, and weak. If there was ever a good reason for no shutdown, check out this jerk. He never had much going for him, but whatever he did have is missing in action!


Maher responded shortly after that statement, saying, “Really? This is what the president of the United States does with his time?”

Trump and Maher have a feud that goes back many decades, and has been very public all along. Maher has stated on his program that he believes that Trump will win the Presidency in 2024.

Trump’s mention of the comedian came after Maher ripped the former President’s visit to the U.S. Southern Border on his show Friday night. See a portion of that segment in the clip below…

For now, the Trump-Maher feud has been renewed, and heading into the 2024 Election cycle, you can best believe that there will probably be more fighting as November nears.

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