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Trump Says A Vote For Biden Helps ‘Wheel Granny Off The Cliff’ In Green Bay



Trump in Wisconsin

During a campaign speech held yesterday in Green Bay, Wisconsin, former President Donald Trump told a group of supporters that a vote for Joe Biden will help ‘wheel granny off the cliff to fund government benefits for illegals.’

The comment is already being circulated around the web just minutes after the former President made the statement at his Green Bay rally. The full quote reads,

“If you want to help Joe Biden wheel Granny off the cliff to fund government benefits for illegals, then vote for Crooked Joe Biden. But when I am president, instead of throwing Granny overboard, I will send Joe Biden’s illegal aliens BACK HOME!

Former President Trump In Green Bay, Wisconsin

See a clip of that moment from the former President’s speech in Green Bay from yesterday below,

During this speech former President also promised to deliver additional tax cuts if he were to be elected in 2024. The Republican nominee can be quoted as saying, “When I win, you are all getting TAX CUTS!”

Trump worked with Congressional Republicans to pass the largest tax cut in American history during his last Administration. Those tax cuts are set to expire in 2025, reverting back to their previous rates prior to the tax cuts.

The increase would be substantial, and at this point economically could spell disaster for the United States economy. As most Americans are already struggling to afford basic necessities amid rising prices.

See a clip of Trump making the statement that he would pass additional tax cuts if elected in 2024 during his Green Bay speech below,

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