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Trump Speaks To Reporters During Record-Breaking $50 Million Fundraiser



Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump, who is also the Republican nominee for President in the 2024 Election, held a lofty fundraiser yesterday that set an all-time record.

Trump raised a reported $50.5 Million during this fundraiser, an all-time record for a single day of a Presidential campaign. The fundraiser was reportedly attended by billionaire Robert Mercer, oil tycoon Harold Hamm, and hotelier and space entrepreneur Robert Bigelow.

Donations to gain access to the event ranged from $250,000 to an astounding $824,600 per person. Those paying $824,600 per person were reportedly named ‘Chairmen’ of the event.

Trump’s fundraiser comes just days after President Joe Biden held a high-dollar fundraiser with elite Democrat donors during a Radio City Music Hall fundraiser with former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

That event reportedly brought in just $25 Million, less than half of the amount raised by Trump during his Mar-A-Lago fundraiser yesterday. During the record-breaking fundraiser, the former President stepped outside to give short remarks to the media who had gathered for the event.

Trump said outside of the fundraiser,

“People are just wanting change. Rich people want it, poor people want it, everybody wants change. The Country is really doing poorly, we’re a laughing stock all over the world and we’re gonna get that changed very quickly. This has been some incredible evening before it even starts because people, they wanted to contribute to a cause of making American great again. That’s what’s happened. We’re gonna make American great again. Everyone knows it. The election’s gonna be in, now, a little more than 6 months and it’s gonna be the most important, I believe, election we’ve ever had. I think it’s gonna go down as the most important date in the history of our Country. That’s November 5th, will be the most important date in the history of our country. Thank you very much, thank you very much for being here.”

Former President Trump Outside Record-Breaking Fundraiser

See a clip of Trump making that statement below,

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