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Trump Will ‘Greenlight’ Putin’s Destruction Of Ukraine, Ex-CIA Chief Brennan Says



Brennan and Trump

Former CIA Director John Brennan recently told France’s RTBF that he fears former President Donald Trump would ‘greenlight’ Vladimir Putin and Russia to completely destroy the nation of Ukraine if he were elected in 2024.

“He can reduce or even stop financial and military aid to the government in Kyiv,” Brennan said. “And that would give Vladimir Putin the green light to try to practically swallow Ukraine. And unfortunately, I think that will encourage Putin to look hungrily at the rest of Europe.”

Brennan, however, has a long history of baseless attacks on Trump and was exposed in the report by Special Counsel John Durham as one of the principal architects of the Russian collusion claims against Trump that proved to false.

Brennan is making the dangerous claim that a major Party nominee for President heading into a general election is going to greenlight the destruction of a sovereign nation if elected, so…

Who is John Brennan?

Brennan served as the director of the Central Intelligence Agency from 2013 to 2017. The former CIA Director is an admitted former Communist who voted for a Communist candidate for President of the United States. In 1976, while attending college, Brennan has admitted to supporting the Communist Party nominee Gus Hal.

John Brennan was an employee of the CIA from 1980 to 2005. He has built a more-than-lackluster reputation in Washington D.C. over the years with both ends of the political spectrum.

The former CIA Director is no stranger to Russian conspiracy theories. Brennan was among the main purveyors of the Trump-Russian collusion hoax of the first Trump White House. Brennan repeatedly stated on television, with no evidence, that the Trump campaign had coordinated and colluded with Russia. 

These false claims were proven false by the Durham Report, published in 2023, which totally exonerated Trump in the Russian collusion scandal, and also asserted that the attempts to pin the accusation of Russian collusion on the Trump campaign and White House by the intelligence agencies, including the CIA under John Brennan, was both nefarious and politically motivated. 

Both Brennan and FBI Director, James Comey were well aware of the fact that the so-called “Steele Dossier” which was used to justify both the approval of FISA warrants to surveil Trump campaign officials and the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Muller to investigate Trump was a fraud commission and paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Brennan Pushed “Russian Hack Of The DNC” Theory Without Evidence

Brennan was also the major progenitor of the claim that Russian intelligence hacked the Democratic National Committee computer servers and provided embarrassing emails regarding Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party to Wikileaks.

That claim was undercut when it was learned that the FBI never inspected the DNC computer servers, and the head of Crowdstrike, the private IT company hired by the DNC to investigate the alleged hack, testified under oath before the House Intelligence Committee that Crowdstrike had found no actual evidence of an online hack by the Russians.  Brennan has never provided any forensic proof that the DNC was hacked by Russia interests beyond his verbal insistence.

Former CIA counterintelligence officers Bill Binney and Ray McGovern have pointed out that the recorded download times involved in the theft of data from the DNC computers indicate that the stolen material was downloaded to a portable drive rather than being subject to an online hack further under cutting Brennan’s claim that the Russians hacked the DNC computer servers.

Brennan has also provided political assistance to the Democratic Party, namely Joe Biden. Just prior to the the 2020 Presidential Election, when intelligence agencies were provably attempting to squash the Hunter Biden laptop story from becoming front page news before the Election, Brennan signed a letter with 50 other intelligence operatives stating that the Hunter Biden laptop, which has since been verified as legitimate, was Russian disinformation.

A History Of Partisanship

The ex-CIA chief has a glowing history of partisanship, and considering he served in a position in which partisanship is not legally permitted, many have raised an important question… How has John Brennan skirted responsibility for his lawless and outwardly political abuse of power?

Former FBI Special Agent John Guandolo has revealed that during Brennan’s time with the CIA, that Brennan converted to a radical form of Islam called ‘Wahhabism.’

Interestingly enough, Brennan has also fought to keep documents surrounding the 9/11 terror attacks classified during and after his time as CIA Director. Some have speculated that Brennan’s attempts to conceal relevant information surrounding the 9/11 attacks may have something to do with the fact that he, as a station chief in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, approved the visas of several of the terrorists who committed the 9/11 attacks.

The ex-CIA chief also was caught lying under oath before Congress about the CIA’s use of torture, and was even caught spying on members of the Senate Judiciary Committee who were investigating the CIA for the illegal use of torture. 

With his extremely questionable, and perhaps even criminal history, there is no question as to why ex-CIA chief John Brennan is stirring up the Russiagate hoax once again 2024. His actions in the past highlight a partisan belief in Joe Biden and the Democrats. They also highlight an individual who is willing to do or say quite literally any

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