Trump Will Not Testify In Hush Money Trial



Former President Donald Trump has reportedly rejected the opportunity to testify in the hush money trial brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. The move did not come as a surprise to many, as Trump was not expected to take the stand.

Trump had previously alluded to the fact that he was considering testifying in the trial, but today, we received confirmation that the former President will not bes testifying in the hush money trial.

Trump’s decision comes after his attorney’s were able to get star witness Michael Cohen to admit to stealing over $30,000 from the Trump organization, in addition to a slew of other admission that have been received as ‘crushing blows’ to Bragg’s case.

Bragg also chose to bring Stormy Daniels to the stand as a witness, a move that has been widely criticized due to the questionable nature of Daniels’ credibility. Trump’s lawyers were able to get Daniels to admit that she believes she is communicating with supernatural spirits, a claim she has made publicly in the past.

NBC News reports,

The defense rested Tuesday and summations are set for next Tuesday, after which the jury will begin deliberating on whether Trump is guilty or not guilty of 34 counts of falsifying business records in the first degree. He has pleaded not guilty. 

The prosecution has the burden to prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt. The defense has no burden, and the jury is not supposed to infer anything negative from Trump’s decision not to testify.

After the prosecution rested, the main defense witness was Robert Costello, whose testimony wrapped up Tuesday. He was seemingly called to contest key state witness Michael Cohen’s credibility, but the overall effectiveness of putting him on the stand was unclear. Costello’s misbehavior on the stand caused Judge Juan Merchan on Monday to chastise the witness in a remarkable scene. 

NBC News

Trump’s decision not to testify will surely rattle members of the press who were eager to report that the former President would be taking the stand.

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