Trump’s Endorsement: The Final Nail In Larry Hogan’s Political Coffin



During an interview with Fox News yesterday, former President Donald Trump announced that he will be supporting Maryland Republican nominee for U.S. Senate Larry Hogan in his race against Democrat Angela Alsobrooks.

Hogan, who has been marred with negative news coverage following the revelation that he harbored a child sex predator in his home during a 1992 run for Congress, has been amongst the most outspoken critics of former President Trump over the last several years.

The former Maryland Governor has stated publicly that he will not support the former President after Trump cruised to a resounding victory in the Republican Presidential primaries, securing the Republican nomination for President in 2024 over former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley and other challengers.

Hogan’s Underhanded Attempt To ‘Stack The Deck’ In His Political Favor

In May, Hogan crushed his opposition in the Republican Senate primary. Slingshot News exclusively confirmed that Hogan had worked to push David Trone, a sitting Democrat Congressman, into the Senate race in hopes of pitting himself against a weaker candidate in the 2024 General Election.

The former Governor understood that Angela Alsobrooks, who secured the Democrat Senate nomination in the State despite Hogan’s attempts to sabotage her campaign, would represent a far more formidable challenge to overcome in November.

Sources in the Maryland politics told Slingshot News that Hogan has perfected the practice of ‘setting up’ a weak general election opponent for himself during his two campaigns for Governor.

Hogan shares close ties with former Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, who he defeated in 2014, as well as Ben Jealous, who he narrowly defeated in 2018.

Hogan’s Disingenuous ‘Left-Wing’ Campaign Doesn’t Sit Well With Voters

Since his Primary victory, Hogan has notably changed his stance on abortion entirely. Prior to his primary victory, Hogan claimed he would ‘protect life’ if elected to the U.S. Senate. After his primary victory, in an attempt to swoon Democrats who may be ‘on the fence’ in terms of their support for Angela Alsobrooks, Hogan has promised to ‘protect abortion rights,’ aligning himself with the Democrat Party’s position on the issue.

Hogan even recently marched in a local Maryland LGBTQ Pride parade, a move that has angered the more Conservative elements of the Maryland Republican Party.

Additionally, Hogan was skewered by attendees of that Pride Parade, presumable Democrat voters, for his anti-gay and anti-abortion stances as Governor. A video of attendees brutally heckling Larry Hogan was posted by the Maryland Democrat Party.

In an attempt to secure a victory in the general election, Hogan has spent the entirety of his campaign, post-primary, on appealing to left-wing voters in Maryland. Unfortunately for the former Governor, everything he has worked towards was shattered last night in a single sentence spoken by former President Donald Trump.

When asked about supporting former Governor Larry Hogan in the Maryland U.S. Senate race, Trump said on Fox News,

“I’d like to see him win. I think he has a good chance to win. I would like to see him win. We gotta take the majority, we have to straighten out our country, so I’d like to see him win. He’s somebody who can win.”

President Donald Trump

Larry Hogan’s Senate campaign has been subject to an incredible level of scrutiny since his pivot after winning his Republican Primary. In a general sense, Republican voters don’t trust him, and Democrat voters don’t trust him either.

Democrat voters see Hogan as a disingenuous politician attempting to steal their vote, only to then side with Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump once he gets to Washington. There’s evidence to support their fear, as well, considering that Hogan has taken over $53k from the McConnell-led National Republican Senate Committee (NRSC) during this election cycle. See evidence of that contribution from the Republican Senate Committee to Larry Hogan’s campaign below,


Hogan has been desperately trying to distance himself from the former President in any way that he can, knowing that he must secure at significant portion of the Democrat vote to win in November.

Donald Trump And Larry Hogan ‘Making Maryland Great Again’

Former President Donald Trump raised eyebrows yesterday when, during a Fox News interview, he claimed that he would support the U.S. Senate candidacy of former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan.

Hogan, who had been attacking Trump, and trying in every way to distance himself from the former President, ordered his campaign to immediately release a statement claiming that he ‘rejects’ the endorsement of Trump, saying,

“Governor Hogan has been clear he is not supporting Donald Trump just as he didn’t in 2016 and 2020.”

Hogan Campaign Statement On Trump Endorsement

The Maryland Democrat Party immediately shared a video of Trump’s “endorsement” of Hogan. See that post below,

The truth is, Maryland voter registrations are so overwhelmingly Democrat that Trump’s endorsement of Hogan has the exact opposite effect that most people would think it would have.

In other words, if you divide all of Maryland’s voters into thirds, about two-thirds of them would be Democrats. The final third would not even belong solely to Republicans, as Independent voter registrations in the State have nearly outpaced Republican registrations.

To win a statewide race in Maryland, you need Democrat support, and a lot of it. That’s why Trump’s endorsement of Hogan, who has run a campaign to the far-left, completely sinks any chance of the former Governor being elected to the U.S. Senate.

All of Hogan’s lobbying, pleading, and begging to Maryland Democrats to accept him as an ‘anti-Trump’ Republican were thrashed in a single sentence from the former President.

While Hogan may think he has a loud voice, as he continues to blast Marylanders with annoying email and text blasts, Trump’s voice is far louder.

The former President’s endorsement will overshadow every effort Hogan has made to distance himself from Republicans.

Trump has gotten revenge on one of his harshest critics throughout his time in politics, and he did it through an endorsement. An endorsement that will, in all likelihood, lead to the end of Larry Hogan’s political career.

Rest in Peace Larry Hogan’s Political Career (1992-2024)

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