Tucker Carlson Breaks The Internet With Joe Rogan Appearance



Former Fox News host and founder of the Tucker Carlson Network, Tucker Carlson, broke the internet late last night by appearing on The Joe Rogan Experience. Carlson is possibly the most controversial political commentator in the United States.

The duo began the three hour discussion by talking about unidentified flying objects, or UFOs. Carlson stated that there is evidence of coordination between our government and a supernatural force that is controlling the UFOs.

During this portion of the discussion, Joe Rogan claimed that the UFOs are vehicles being used by the United States government, and was skeptical about the idea of the crafts being of a supernatural origin.

Many internet users have accused Youtube, which is hosting a version of the podcast, of censoring the video. In 13 hours of being uploaded, the show has just 5,000 views, however, has nearly 3,000 comments.

The video currently, as of 2:34 PM EST on Friday, April 19th, 2024, has a higher like count than view count, with over 9,000 likes and under 5,000 views.

This ratio of comments to views has led many users in the comment section of the video to suggest that Youtube is artificially lowering the view count of the Carlson appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience.

The conversation, in the midst of UFOs, also went into chimpanzees, politics, nuclear energy, and much more. The episode has been largely ignored by the mainstream press.

Carlson has over 12 million followers on his X account, where he posts video interviews with various commentators and officials from around the world, as well monologues and political commentary of his own.

The host made headlines earlier this year when he traveled to Moscow in order to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin about several topics, including the war in Ukraine. That interview received tens of millions of views.

Tucker Carlson’s appearance on Joe Rogan was both interesting and informative, as well as inquisitive. Millions of Americans will undoubtedly hear it. Though it may not have the energy of a Rogan episode with Alex Jones, it sure has the same entertainment value.

Joe and Tucker get an A+ from Slingshot News on this one. As far as entertainment value is concerned, this podcast will have you gripped from start to finish.

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