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U.S. General Warns Of China’s Military Capabilities In Space



U.S. Space Command head Gen. Stephen Whiting spoke before the Senate Armed Services Committee this week, warning that China’s military capabilities in space are growing at a “breathtaking pace.”

U.S. Space Command head Gen. Stephen Whiting said Thursday that space has become an “expanding security challenge” and warned that China is growing its military space abilities at a “breathtaking pace.”

Throughout his statement, Whiting emphasized the importance of continuously developing new technologies to sustainthe United States’ competitive edge in space. Whiting also stated that China will have reached “world-class status in all but a few space technology areas.”

Beijing is “growing its military space and counterspace capabilities at breathtaking pace to deny American and Allied space capabilities when they so choose,” Whiting said, “while extending its ability to conduct long-range fires improving the precision and reach, thus the lethality, of its terrestrial forces.”

Since 2018, China has more than tripled its orbital presence, including over 359 satellites that can be utilized to monitor activities in the United States. China has also developed anti-satellite weapons capable of disarming or destroying U.S. satellites.

“There is an urgency for our Command to advocate for delivery of new space capabilities
and capacity to retain an enduring competitive advantage,”

Whiting warned the committee that these weapons are solely intended for disruption and to surpass the United States as the primary global and military power. The General also emphasized that space has become “central to all-domain security activities.”

China has “dramatically increased their ability to monitor, track and target U.S. and allied forces both terrestrially and on orbit,” Whiting added. “Russia also continues to develop, test and demonstrate their counter-space capabilities, despite not having achieved their war aims from their invasion of Ukraine.”

While Whiting stated that the United States Space Command has reached “full operational capacity”, he also noted that this does not mean that they have the capabilities to match the pace at which our potential adversaries are developing.

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