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United Boeing 737 Max Suffers Gear Collapse While Landing In Houston



United Boeing 737

A United Airlines Boeing 737 Max suffered a massive gear failure today while landing in Houston, Texas. The plane was making a landing at George Bush Airport in Houston when one of the wheels failed.

The plane could be seen sitting just off the taxi runway in Houston, as other passengers captured footage of the plane sitting unevenly on the ground. Passengers could be seen exiting the plane via a staircase that had been brought to the vehicle’s side.

Aviation News reports on this accident, “United Airlines flight UA2477 is a routine scheduled flight between Memphis and Houston. The aircraft involved in the incident is N27290. As per data from, N27290 is a 4.4 year old Boeing 737 MAX 8 that was only delivered to the airline back in June 2023. Of the MAX 8 variant, United Airlines has 85 of them in the fleet, of which all of them are in active service. The average age of the MAX 8s in the fleet is 2.0 years. United Airlines flight UA2477 departed Memphis at 0627 local time this morning and landed into Houston at 0757 local time.”

See video of passengers deboarding the plane in Houston below,

It is unclear whether or not any passengers were injured on this flight, as it just occurred this morning. We will be sure to update our audience and coverage once more information becomes available. Boeing has been facing a rash of issues over the last few months, as a flight of one of their planes yesterday saw the landing wheels fall off shortly after taking off. That incident caused massive controversy, and this latest Houston incident will only add more fuel to the fire. Will air travel slow down due to these reoccurring issues that seem to be becoming more prevalent? Will passengers be hesitant to fly?

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