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University Of Washington President Calls For Break Up Of Pro-Palestinian Tent Camp After Antisemitic Graffiti Discovered On Campus



Encampment at University of Washington from Rachel Anderson Twitter

After recent protests at the University of Washington escalated, leaving antisemitic graffiti, the school’s president is now calling for the dismantling of a pro-Palestinian encampment on the campus.

Pro-Palestinian protestors had set up a campus encampment on April 29th of this year. In response, the school’s chancellor stated that the university would continue to negotiate with student protestors who demand that the school cut its financial ties with Israel due to the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

After protests escalated at the University of Washington – with “offensive graffiti across multiple buildings all over campus, some quite clearly both antisemitic and violent” – the school’s president is calling again for the voluntary dismantling of a pro-Palestinian encampment on the Seattle campus.


Since students and faculty discovered the anti-Semitic graffiti, the school’s president has asked for the encampment to be dismantled voluntarily for everyone’s safety.

“Much to my dismay, given the relatively cordial tone of many of our discussions, the representatives also said the new graffiti is an intentional escalation to compel the University to agree to their demands,” she said Wednesday, adding university officials “have engaged sincerely and openly.”


Many students and faculty rightfully feel that the disagreement between protestors and the school is escalating to a potentially dangerous level, especially if the escalation continues.

This is the second statement that UW has released regarding the encampment within five days, and it directly addressed the offensive graffiti that was seen across nearly 30 buildings on the school’s campus Wednesday morning. UW continued to say the language used in the graffiti is creating an “unwelcome and fearful environment for many students.”

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One of the many demands that the pro-Palestinian protestors are seeking to implement includes the establishment of a new department with an “anti-Zionist” litmus test for faculty hiring.

The President of the University of Washington issued a statement in which he described the graffiti as a deliberate escalation meant to pressure the university into meeting their demands.

“While I strongly support free speech and peaceful protest, I also strongly support the rights of all our community members to live, learn and work without fear,” she said. “The University’s response to students’ calls for change will not be based on an encampment.”

Encampment at University of Washington from Rachel Anderson Twitter
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