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Viral Video Shows Man Bashing Tesla Cybertruck With Bat



A viral video shared by Tesla founder Elon Musk has been making the rounds on social media, having been viewed over 59 million times, shows a Tesla Cybertruck owner bashing his own vehicle with a baseball bat.

The shocking video, meant to show the tremendous durability of the cybertruck, results in the vehicle showing minimal damage, other than a few scuffs on each door.

The owner then hands the bat to his friend, who also fails to make any major cosmetic damages to the truck, and ultimately breaks the bat at the handle.

Tesla Cybertruck A Huge Success

Tesla reportedly received over 2 million orders for the Cybertruck, the company revealed in December of 2023. Ultimately, the truck is set to be a massive commercial success.

Musk’s ownership of Twitter has surely benefited sales of the truck as well, considering he is the most influential voice on a platform with hundreds of millions of active users.

For example, Musk sharing the video below allowed it to garner 59 million views, while the original received just over 800,000. His voice has been amplified tremendously, and with a price tag of over $40 billion, Musk has more than earned it.

The Cybertruck already has influencers testing its limits, and we must say, most automobiles would likely fair a lot worse than this Tesla if you bashed the door with a baseball bat.

While the bat breaking is not entirely impressive, as most bats would break if repeatedly hit into a car, the lack of damage shown on the vehicle is tremendous.

As a terrain vehicle, the Cybertruck intrigues me, mainly because it does not have exterior axles, or anything hanging under the body of the vehicle. This feature alone makes it possible the most capable terrain vehicle ever released.

Will the Cybertrucks last?

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