‘Where’s Hunter?’: Conservatives Joke Hunter Biden Left Cocaine Found At Capitol Police Headquarters



Today news broke that Capitol Police are currently investigating a baggie left on the floor of their headquarters that contained cocaine residue. There have been no developments as to who was responsible for leaving the drug-ridden bag behind.

Police reportedly found a “roughly one-inch by one-inch zip lock bag with a small amount of a white powdery substance, which field tested positive for cocaine.”

The bag was discovered at Capitol Police headquarters, which are located on D Street and Second Street. After news of the discovery broke, conservative commentators jumped to make jokes about the President’s son Hunter Biden and his documented drug use.

A Laptop Catastrophe

When the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop were leaked to the public, even currently being sold by several organizations, several images of Hunter Biden smoking and snorting cocaine were widely distributed across social media.

We can’t show those images here, but we are almost certain that most of our audience has seen them at some point.

Where’s Hunter?

With the pictures readily available, conservative commentators began to ask ‘Where’s Hunter?’ online after the news of the cocaine found at the Capitol Police headquarters was revealed.

One commentator, AJ Huber, posted a video of former President Donald Trump asking ‘Where’s Hunter?’ at the end of a campaign statement video released earlier this year.

Another, Nick Sortor, commented under a photo of Hunter Biden’s illicit activities from the leaked laptop by influence Dom Lucre, who owns one of the most followed and engaged accounts on the X platform, saying ‘Where’s Hunter?’

Similar reactions were had on Twitter last year when cocaine was found at the White House, as a hazmat team was called to the prestigious property after a bag of drugs were discovered by employees in a library.

Though it has been five years since the Hunter Biden laptop story first broke, images from the laptop continue to pop up in every day conversation, and life. Could Hunter’s laptop be the longest-running political device in U.S. history?

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