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White House Announces New Gun Restrictions



KJP from RNC Research twitter

During today’s White House press briefing, Karine Jean-Pierre announced a new set of restrictions that will require background checks for all gun dealers, who are engaged in the business of firearms dealing.

The new rules would prohibit the sale of firearms between private citizens in states where there is no current regulation, such as Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, and Arkansas. The vague language of the restriction states that it prohibits anyone from selling weapons “predominantly to earn a profit.”

Watch the clip of Karine below…

While twenty-eight of the fifty states in the country do not have regulations in place to restrict the sale of private firearms without obtaining a background check, the Biden Administration is seeking to override several states by implementing a federal law.

Just like many other issues that have arisen during the Biden Administration, such as student debt relief, it is safe to assume that many of these states’ Attorney’s General will challenge Biden’s actions due to the blatant overreach of power by the Commander in Chief.

Surely, the new regulations are yet another attempt by the federal government to collect information on the American people and their firearms. While the Biden Administration continues to blame guns, the American people are wise enough to recognize when they are being deceived.

Despite the likelihood that these regulations will not stand, it will be another issue that President Biden will tout as a significant win for his administration, similar to what they did with their student debt relief, which was canceled almost immediately.

Heading into the 2024 election, the Biden Administration will need every “win” they can get in order to convince the American people to choose four-more years of President Biden.

While President Biden has reiterated his intention to ban “assault weapons” multiple times during his presidency, actions like these make law-abiding, gun-owning Americans feeling like they are in the crosshairs of the Biden Administration.


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