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White House Blames Trump For Israel-Iran Conflict



John Kirby

During an appearance on Fox News yesterday, United States National Security Council John Kirby attempted to shift blame for the attacks on Israel by Iran that happened over the weekend.

Iran’s attack marks the first attack directly by the Iranians on Israeli soil, though the Iranians have been funding and supporting Hezbollah and Hamas, who have ramped up attacks against Israel as Iranian proxies for the last several months, most notably the October 7th, 2023 massacre that left 1,200 Israelis dead.

The Biden Administration has relaxed sanctions on Iran throughout their time at the White House, even working with the United Nations to relieve sanctions pertaining to Iran’s oil exports, which are now blossoming.

Iran has used proxies, just like Hamas and Hezbollah, to siphon oil from nations like Iraq and export it to China and Russia.

John Kirby defended the Biden Administration’s loosening of sanctions on Fox News, claiming that funds sent to the Iranians are not ‘fungible.’ Shannon Bream asked John Kirby on Sunday,

Is it not fair to say though that there have been moves by this Administration that have opened up cash and other opportunities for them which we know are fungible in ways that are not helping the Iranian people, but are benefiting the elites and people there who chant ‘death to America,’ and ‘death to Israel’?

Shannon Bream Question to John Kirby

Kirby answered by denying that the funds are ‘fungible,’ stating,

You and I have had this fungibility argument before. I obviously take a different issue. I take an issue with that characterization.

The sanctions relief that has come about, it’s not even sanctions relief, the additional funds that have been made available to Iran due to a sanctions relief program that the Trump Administration put in place can only be used for humanitarian goods. It doesn’t go to the regime.

The idea that the regime felt, somehow, that they were freed up to support these proxies because of that, it just doesn’t support the facts.

John Kirby

See a clip of the U.S. National Security Council John Kirby making this statement on Fox News this morning in the clip below,

What do you think? Is the Biden Administration, or the Trump Administration at fault for what is occurring in Iran? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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