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White House Press Secretary: “I Don’t Have A Wife To Take Care Of My Taxes” (Video)




During her daily White House press briefing yesterday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made a strange statement to begin her remarks. Jean-Pierre started by wishing the reporters a ‘happy tax day.’

Jean-Pierre said, “Happy Tax Day. I did take care of my taxes.” The press gathered in the room began to laugh with Jean-Pierre, when all of the sudden, the Press Secretary added a strange comment to her well wishes.

“I don’t have a wife to take care of my taxes,” Jean-Pierre added on. The comment received an audible reaction from the gathered reporters, who seemed to sympathize with the allegedly lonely White House Press Secretary.

Jean-Pierre recently split with her wife Suzanne Malveaux, who is a television journalist for CNN. The split between Jean-Pierre and Malveaux was very public, and covered by tabloids across the United States.

The pair has an adopted 9-year-old daughter, Soleil, who the White House Press Secretary claims that she is now ‘co-parenting’ with Malveaux.

It appears that the White House Press Secretary may be missing her former lover, but is talking about it from the White House podium really appropriate? The reporters who Jean-Pierre was speaking to were obviously awkwardly responding to the Press Secretary’s comments.

Public reactions to the statement were even worse than those of reporters in the room, as some internet users asked the simple question, what would have happened to Jean-Pierre if she was a man who had made these comments?

See a clip of White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre telling reporters at the daily press briefing that she “doesn’t have a wife to do her taxes,” below,

Jean-Pierre’s comments raise an important question… Is there a double standard, as it pertains to cancel culture, for people who are not heterosexual?

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