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White House Reaffirms Support For US-China Relations During Visit




Biden Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is currently attending meetings with Chinese officials in Beijing after President Joe Biden and President Xi of China spoke over the phone earlier this week.

After announcing her trip to China just a few days ago, Yellen stated to reporters,

“I think the Chinese realize how concerned we are about the implications of their industrial strategy for the United States, for the potential to flood our markets with exports that make it difficult for American firms to compete,”


Biden reportedly mentioned security concerns about the application TikTok during that call, despite the fact that his campaign posts videos of the President and Vice President on the platform. Both Biden and Harris have active TikTok accounts.

AP posted a video of Janet Yellen arriving in Beijing for the meetings with Chinese officials. See that footage below,

During remarks that Yellen delivered in China, the Biden Treasury Secretary reaffirmed this Administration’s commitment to U.S. relations with the Nation of China. She also voiced the Administration’s opposition to those proclaiming that the United States should decouple from China.

Secretary Yellen said,

“The United States will pursue a healthy economic relationship with China. We will seek to cooperate with China on global challenges and we will deploy our economic tools when needed, and in a narrowly targeted manner, to protect our national security and that of our allies, as well as human rights. President Biden and I firmly reject the idea that the United States should decouple from China.”

Secretary Yellen

See a clip of the Treasury Secretary making that statement during her speech in China below,

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