Who Is Winnie Greco? Examining The Political Donations Of Adams Aide Raided By FBI



Winnie Greco is an aide to New York City Mayor Eric Adams. Greco’s home in Pelham Bay was raided by FBI officials in New York City not long ago During that raid, police could be seen confiscating boxes of what appeared to be documents.

We reported on that raid at the time, and provided a follow up dive into Winnie Greco’s involvement with Mayor Adams. Within that followup article, we revealed that Winnie Greco founded a non-profit organization responsible for funding a 2014 trip Adams took to China.

We reported,

Greco has been a friend and ally to New York City Mayor Eric Adams for over ten years. While working as an unpaid fundraiser for Adams in 2014, when Adams was Brooklyn Borough President, a nonprofit founded by Winnie paid almost seven thousand dollars for Adams to take an 11-day trip to China.

For years after Adams’ trip to China in 2014, Greco attempted to have a “Friendship Archway” built and gifted from China to Brooklyn’s Chinatown. Adams went forward with plans to build the archway when he was borough president, but ultimately, the project never came to fruition.

The FBI has been investigation Mayor Adams and his campaign since 2021. One outlet, THE CITY, reported that Greco attempted to solicit free contracting work by promising to secure the contractor a job in the Adams Administration

An investigation into Greco’s political donations, exclusively conducted by Slingshot.news, reveals that Greco has donated to both Republicans and Democrats in federal elections. Greco gave donations to Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign in 2000, as well as her Presidential campaign in 2016. See evidence of those donations below,

Greco also donated to George W. Bush’s 2004 campaign. See evidence of that donation below,

Within these public records, we can ascertain that Greco formerly worked for Meiwah Entertainment Production Inc. We also see that Greco considered herself employed by a business called Greco Development LLC. Greco has a website in which they describe their services, find that site here.

On a local level, Greco shows as have donated to Nancy Tong, Elizabeth Crowley, Dao Yin, and Hercules Reid since 2016.

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