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Who is Winnie Greco, Top New York City Mayor Aide Who Was Raided By The FBI?



Following the FBI raid on Winnie Greco, a top aide to New York City Mayor Eric Adams, many have been left wondering who Winnie is, how she became involved with Adams, and how she ended up being raided by the FBI.

Greco has been a friend and ally to New York City Mayor Eric Adams for over ten years. While working as an unpaid fundraiser for Adams in 2014, when Adams was Brooklyn Borough President, a nonprofit founded by Winnie paid almost seven thousand dollars for Adams to take an 11-day trip to China.

For years after Adams’ trip to China in 2014, Greco attempted to have a “Friendship Archway” built and gifted from China to Brooklyn’s Chinatown. Adams went forward with plans to build the archway when he was borough president, but ultimately, the project never came to fruition.

Greco continued her fundraising efforts for the future mayor throughout Adams’ 2021 mayoral race, securing herself a prominent position as a fundraiser for the campaign.

How Much Money Did Winnie Greco Make As An Aide?

When Adams was elected as mayor of New York City in 2022, he immediately hired Greco as a special advisor to his position at a salary of around $100,000.

Winnie Greco Has Been Suspended Without Pay

After investigations began into Adams’ 2021 campaign, the FBI raided several members of his team. The investigations were seeking information on possible illegal foreign donations to his campaign. Brianna Suggs, the chief fundraiser for Adams’ 2021 campaign, was raided following the investigation into the campaign. However, it is not clear whether the recent raid on Greco is connected to the campaign investigations.

It has been reported by THE CITY that a volunteer for Adams’ 2021 campaign accused Greco of requesting him to work for free on renovations to her home to secure a job in the Adams Administration. There are also reports that Winnie is involved in fundraising events and potential straw donations to Adams through the New World Mall.

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