Why Is Joe Biden Traveling To France? What You Need To Know



President Joe Biden arrived in France today after departing the United States yesterday. Biden is traveling to the Nation of France to commemorate the anniversary of D-Day, but that won’t be all the President is doing in ‘the Hexagon’.

For those who don’t know, France is referred to as ‘the Hexagon’ due to its roughly six-sided geographical shape.

Biden will also reportedly be delivering a speech in support of democracy. The President will spend five days in France before eventually heading back to Washington D.C..

The trip will also reportedly include a formal state dinner with Emmanuel Macron, the President of France. Macron was first elected in 2017, having served in the position for the last seven years.

Iranian Intent To Biden’s French Trip?

Biden’s trip to France coincides with an effort revealed in recent reports by the Biden Administration to soften Europe’s stance on the Nation of Iran.

Biden with Gabriel Attal in France

Just days ago the Wall Street Journal reported that the United States is currently pressuring European allies, led by Britain and France, to not confront Iran with formal censures over their nuclear program.

While Biden was traveling to France, the Nation formally submitted their censure of Iran to the United Nations nuclear watchdog’s Board of Governors.

This appears to be a yet another tremendous policy failure for the Biden Administration.

A recent report by Slingshot News revealed that Iran has been actively thumbing their nose at the Biden Administration worldwide, even moving military vessels into the Gulf of Mexico, just miles away from U.S. shores.

Experts say that Iran has already developed nuclear bombs capable of being used against Western nations, leaving many questioning why the Biden Administration is acting to protect the nuclear program of Iran.

It was the Obama Administration, for which Biden served as Vice President, that initially began Iran’s path to nuclearization with the vaunted JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) commonly referred to as the Iran Nuclear Deal.

That deal was largely orchestrated by an individual named Robert Malley. Malley served as the National Security Council to President Barack Obama, and was specifically tasked with overseeing the Iran deal with then-Secretary of State John Kerry in 2015.

A New Personal Email Scandal Related To Iran Rocks Biden White House

More recently, Malley was appointed as President Joe Biden’s Special Envoy to Iran. Malley was suspended from his position in 2023 for carrying top secret classified information on his personal communication devices.

The U.S. government alleges that those top secret classified documents were accessed by a hostile foreign cyber actor, though recent reports have speculated that Malley may have simply given the documents to Iranian leaders in hopes of strengthening the U.S. and Iranian relationship.

Malley’s many proteges, including several individuals at the highest levels of leadership at the Pentagon, have been subject to public scrutiny over their alleged allegiance to Iran.

One of Malley’s proteges, Ariane Tabatabai, is an Iranian-American scholar of political science, writer, and senior policy advisor to the United States Department of Defense.

She is currently overseeing a division of the Pentagon tasked with “special operations and irregular warfare.”

It appears, by all signs, that Biden’s trip to France has a lot more to do with Iran than it does with France.

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