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Will Marjorie Taylor Greene Be Forced Out Of Congress?



Marjorie Taylor Greene

When Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene decided to bring forth a vote to remove House Speaker Mike Johnson last week, members of the House of Representatives responded by loudly booing her as she spoke from the podium.

It wasn’t just Democrat members of the House either. Shortly after Greene’s vote was rejected with minimal support, several members of the House GOP headed outside of the Capitol to speak with members of the media specifically about Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Greene was slammed as a liar, a traitor, and even called ‘Moscow Marjorie’ by Representative Mike Lawler. The response from fellow members of Greene’s House caucus was horrid to say the least.

While Republicans in the House seem eager to get back to ‘business as usual’ under Speaker Mike Johnson, Greene appears to be the lone holdout. Even former President Donald Trump issued a statement in which he proclaimed that he loves Marjorie Taylor Greene, but urged her to stop attacking Speaker Johnson and to unite with other Republican members of the House.

A Complicated Political Picture

While Greene is being painted as a rogue, her policy positions really reflect those of the GOP voters more than say Mike Johnson, or Mike Lawler. Greene vehemently opposes additional aid to Ukraine, which the Congresswoman claims is being used to stoke a larger global conflict.

The Republican voter base agrees with Greene on this issue. In December, months prior to an even larger shift in public opinion on Ukraine, at least 48% of GOP voters opposed any additional aid to Ukraine.

Additionally, Greene was a vocal critic of the House GOP’s renewal of FISA, a program which was revealed in the Durham Report to have been abused for political purposes in order to spy on the campaign and Administration of former President Donald Trump.

Marjorie Taylor Greene

While being painted a radical on nearly every issue, Greene simply represents what the GOP voters really want. The rejection of her ideas, or should I say the complete dismissal of her ideas to the point of laughter, is merely an indication of how far the Washington political establishment’s beliefs have become disconnected from that of their voters… Particularity in the GOP.

Members of the Democrat Party, no matter how ‘left of center’ they are, have representation in Congress, and lots of it. There’s even a group of these individuals which call themselves ‘The Squad,” which champions the far-left in many regards, including U.S. relations with Israel, on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs, as well as on immigration.

Greene, however, seems to be but a lone holdout against Speaker Johnson, perhaps only joined by seemingly muted Congressman Thomas Massie, who appears by Greene’s side at nearly every public speaking engagement, yet hardly ever speaks.

A Muddy Political Future

Greene was amongst the biggest supporters of former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy before he was eventually ousted as Speaker by Florida Republican Representative Matt Gaetz. Every House Democrat joined Gaetz and several other Republicans in voting to remove McCarthy.

During the 2022 Election, it is conceivable that Greene received a hefty boost from her friend Kevin McCarthy, who at the time, was in control of the entire House Republican fundraising apparatus.

Now that McCarthy has been axed, leaving Congress entirely after being humiliated by Gaetz, Greene has no ties to power. In fact, she has really become the enemy of those in the GOP leadership.

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Frankly, Greene faces more opposition within her own Party today than she ever has before, leading many to question whether the Georgia Congresswoman will remain as a member of Congress.

Of course, Greene will face re-election in 2024 just as every member of the House does every single two years. Being elected in 2020, Greene has served just one full term in Congress, currently serving in her second term.

She won a convincing victory in 2022, defeating her Democrat opponent with over 65% of the vote.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Here To Stay, Unless…

Greene’s district is located in an area of Georgia so dominated by Republican voters that it is nearly inconceivable that she could lose to a Democrat in the general election. However, as this reporter has seen time-and-time again throughout his career, a healthy challenge may to come to Greene in the form of a Primary challenger.

The only way that Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has bolstered her public image recently with the release of her book, “MTG,” could lose her place in the House is if she is challenged by a formidable and well-funded candidate in the GOP Primary.

Considering that the Congresswoman has extensive ties to Conservative media, even the idea of somebody challenging Greene in the Primary seems nearly impossible.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is most likely here to stay, and for a long time.

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