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ISIS Claims Responsibility For Moscow Concert Hall Attack




The terrorist group ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack that occurred today at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow which has left at least 40 dead, and another 100 wounded. Additional fatalities are expected as many injured are currently in critical condition.

Video of that horrid shooting has been circulating social media for the last several hours, with some videos being so graphic that we simply cannot show the footage. One video, the least graphic of the bunch, shows two shooters firing into the hall in camouflage.

We reported at Slingshot News that Russia had thwarted an Islamic terrorist attack on a local synagogue on March 7th, and that Islamic terrorists were speculated to have been responsible for the mass shooting.

We reported,

On March 7th, the Russian State announced that it had thwarted an Islamic terror attack on a local synagogue. That attack was reportedly being planned by an ISIS cell based in Kaluga.

Russia’s ally China has not released a statement on this matter. Neither has the Biden White House.


Now those speculations have been confirmed, as ISIS has claimed responsibility for the deadly attack. It has also been reported that the terrorists who orchestrated the attack had access to explosives, and used them on the crowd.

Graphic footage of the shooting shows the perpetrators executing members of the audience at point blank range, firing shotguns and rifles into the bodies of innocent civilians. At least one of the suspects charged with the shooting has been apprehended by Russian authorities.

The others are still missing, and we do not know how many of them there are at this point. The attack was reportedly supposed to target Christians in the Nation of Russia.

ISIS alleges that those who executed the attacks have returned to their bases safely.

We will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.

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