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Biden Administration Allowed Iran To Conduct Military Drills With Cuba, Venezuela In Gulf Of Mexico



Joe Biden and Ali Khamenei

Several weeks ago Slingshot News broke the exclusive story that Iran had traversed the Gulf of Mexico with a flotilla of military vessels armed with cruise missiles and other weaponry. That Iranian flotilla cruised through the Gulf of Mexico, just mere miles away from the U.S. coastline.

The flotilla consisted of two warships, the IRIS Makran and IRIS Dena.

Iran’s successful traversing of the Panama canal in 2022 was orchestrated by China, who controls the valuable channel. Iran has developed an increasingly close relationship with China since the Biden Administration took power in January of 2021.


Iran didn’t just ride through the canal, either. Slingshot News has exclusively learned that shortly after Iran traversed the Panama canal, the Iranian Navy traveled to Cuba, Venezuela, and Brazil.

Iran Conducted Joint Military Operations With Cuba, and Venezuela After Traversing Panama Canal

Slingshot News can exclusively confirm that Iran conducted military joint exercises with the Cuban Navy in Havana in January of 2023. The Iranian Navy also conducted military drills with the Venezuelan Navy in the Caribbean Sea in December of 2022.

Cuba, which sits just 90 miles from the coastline of the United States, has become an extremely important ally of the Iranian regime over the last several years. In December of 2023, Iranian and Cuban leaders met to discuss U.S. sanctions on Cuba in Tehran.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi held a joint statement with the Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel. In that statement, which occurred just days before Cuba conducted joint military exercises with Iran in Havana, Iranian President Raisi promised Cuba that Iran could assist in ‘neutralizing’ U.S. sanctions on the island Nation. Raisi said in that statement,

“What can neutralize the sanctions is the exchange of capacities between the two countries.”

Could Iran be orchestrating an attack on the U.S. mainland using a strengthened alliance with the Communist nation of Cuba?

Sources tell Slingshot News that China has been utilizing Cuba’s port in Havana for intelligence operations against the United States. Three Russian submarines are currently docked in the Cuban port, and regularly traverse the Gulf of Mexico.

It has been reported that, due a restrengthened embargo placed on Cuba by the United States, that Cuba is currently facing its worse economic time in its Nation’s history. Could a desperate Cuba be utilized by Iran to conduct a military operation against the United States?

Slingshot News has also exclusively confirmed that Iran conducted joint military exercises with the Venezuelan Navy in the Caribbean Sea.

Iran and Venezuela signed a massive 20-year agreement to coordinate economically and militarily during Iranian President Raisi’s 2022 visit to Venezuela. The details of that agreement have ominously not been made public.

Iran And China Growing Closer Under Biden

Last year, Iran became the number one oil exporter to mainland China in the world. Sources tell Slingshot News that Iran has used proxy militias to seize Iraqi and Syrian oil production over the last several years. Oil is reportedly being taken from both Iraq and Syria and shipped to Iran, where most of the oil is then sent to mainland China.

China was not only crucial, but pivotal in allowing Iran to traverse the Panama canal for the first time in October of 2022.

Due to its economic importance to the Chinese, Iran has further asserted itself as a world superpower under the Biden Administration. In June of 2020, Iran and China signed a 25-year agreement in Beijing in which China agreed to pump over $400 Billion into the lowly Iranian economy.

At the time, oil exports from Iran were severely limited due to sanctions placed on the hostile nation by the Trump Administration.

This deal, strangely, took place in the middle of they height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and shortly after a Trump-negotiated trade deal between the United States and China was shelved due to rising tensions over the virus.

See a video of the Chinese Military and Iranian Military conducting joint military drills in the Indian Ocean in 2022 below,

The Biden Administration’s Rob Malley Problem

The Biden Administration, in a drastic change of position from the Trump Administration, has adopted a much softer policy on Iran. Robert Malley, who was appointed as Biden’s special envoy to Iran, and who negotiated the Iran Nuclear Deal under President Barack Obama in 2015, has been instrumental in this shift towards a pro-Iranian policy stance.

Malley was suspended from his position as the special envoy to Iran after it was revealed, much like Hillary Clinton, that Malley kept top secret classified documents on his personal devices.

A later report confirmed that the top secret classified documents contained on Malley’s personal devices were in fact accessed by a ‘hostile foreign cyber actor,’ though the public was not informed which ‘hostile foreign cyber actor’ accessed the information.

It is speculated that Malley may have even handed over top secret classified documents to the Iranians in an attempt to build a closer relationship with the hostile nation.

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