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Colorado Man Faces Prison For Crime He Didn’t Commit



Follower of Andrew Tate Faces 20 Years In Prison

If you have followed bodybuilding in the United States at all over the last several decades, it is almost certain that you have come across the name Ameen Alai. 

Deemed “Guru Ameen” by his clients, and considered an expert on nutrition and bodybuilding technique, Alai trained the legendary King Kamali, as well as Dave Bautista and Don Long,

Alai has been an influential and prominent member of the bodybuilding community for decades now. His bodybuilding and nutritional techniques are commonly used amongst the most prominent bodybuilders nationwide. 

The ‘Guru’, who is an avid follower of Andrew Tate the former kick-boxer and his doctrine of fitness, discipline, personal responsibility, sobriety, and spirituality lives in Colorado with his son.

Alai has contributed to Men’s Health Magazine, and Flex Muscular Development, along with many other publications. 

Alai tells Slingshot News that His 8-year-old son Azi is the “light of his life.” Alai also informed Slingshot News that he is teaching his son the mantra of the former kick-boxer and self-discipline advocate Andrew Tate to “be a man.” Eight-year-old Azi asked his dad to shave his head so he can look like Andrew Tate, and spends hours watching Tate’s videos.


The Tragic Loss Of Kaiden Ross, Ameen Allai’s 10-Year-Old Stepson

Several years ago, Alai and his son were not alone. Alai had another child, a stepson named Kaiden. Kaiden was the “older brother” to Azi, and had been raised by Alai since he was 1 year old. 

Tragically, Alai’s oldest son Kaiden was diagnosed with clear cell Sarcoma at just 9 years old.

Kaiden Allen Ross

Expending every resource he could, Alai did everything within his power to fight to maintain every single day of his son’s life that he possibly could. The initial diagnosis from doctors gave young Kaiden just 45 days to live.

The young man triumphantly lived for 11 more months, outliving doctor’s expectations by the better part of a year. His father Ameen exhausted every financial resource available to extend the life of his beloved son, an effort that Alai tells Slingshot News was worth every penny.

Ameen Alai, Kaiden Allen Ross, and Azaria

After 11 months of debilitating struggle, Ameen Alai stepson that he had raised since he was 1 years old, Kaiden Allen Ross, died at age 10 from his battle with cancer.

Shortly after his death, ‘Guru Ameen’ would begin a new stuggle in his life, barely recovering from the tremendous tragedy of losing his son.

Jim Tamagini’s RedPillReset Ibogaine Services

In March of 2021, Allai had become the of a roommate of Colorado business owner named Jim Tamagini. Tamigini owns and operates a business called TheRedPillReset.

Tamagini’s business, based around helping clients improve their health, by selling and adinistering a substance to its clients called ibogaine as part of a health regimen that Tamagini claims will help clients “gain their freedom back” and “experience life at a whole new level” by defeating drug addiction and treating depression, Ibogaine is currently legal in Colorad and many tout the all-natural supplement as a safer alternative to prescription drugs like Xanax and Prozac.

Statements promoting ibogaine can be found on Tamagini’s company website, along with information about ibogaine. This website and business is still active today.

Tamagini himself claims that Ibogaine assisted him in kicking an opioid addiction. See video of Tamagini making statements about Ibogaine’s role in helping him defeat opioid addiction below,

As Tamagini’s roommate, Alai was present in March 2021 when Tamagini administered a dose of ibogaine to a client Andy Haman who had signed up for Tamagini’s ibogaine protocol. After Tagamini administered ibogaine to Andy Haman – the man began having convulsions. Law enforcement officials and paramedics were called to the scene, and the patient was declared dead shortly after. 

An autopsy conducted by the state after the death of Haman revealed that he had died of a pulmonary embolismfundraiser posted by the family of Tagamini’s client, Andy Haman actually says that Haman died of a pulmonary embolism due to an elbow surgery that he had three days prior to receiving the Ibogaine treatment from Jim Tamagini.

The State’s initial toxicology report showed no traces of Ibogaine in Haman’s blood. In fact, Alai recently learned that the State never conducted a test that would have traced ibogaine in Haman’s blood.

See a report on that below,

Ameen Alai told Slingshot News that he did not administer the ibogaine that day, never had  possession of the ibogaine, nor sold ibogaine to Haman. The Red Pill Reset business owner Jim Tamagini sold and administered Ibogaine to Andy Haman that fateful day, Alai tells Slingshot News. A polygraph test administered to Alai, although not admissible in court, showed that Alai was telling the truth.

Interestingly enough, ibogaine would be decriminalized in the State of Colorado in November of 2022. In fact, it appears that the legalization of ibogaine may be what this strange case is really all about.

Ameen Allai Is Wrongfully Arrested In January of 2023

After Ibogaine was made legal by the State of Colorado in November of 2022, Ameen Alai was arrested by federal authorities in Colorado in February 2023 on charges of distributing ibogaine to Haman,. Ibogaine is a schedule 1 substance under Federal law. Strangely, Tagamini who sold, supplied and administered the Ibogaine to Andy Haman is not mentioned in Alai’s federal indictment. 

Equally strange is the fact that Federal prosecutors convinced a Judge to seal all records in the case so it can not be ascertained if Tagimaini was even questioned by authorities and whether he will be a witness against Alai in the upcoming trial.

One thing is clear. Tagamini who did according to Alai possess, sell, and administered the ibogaine to Andy Haman has not been charged while Alai, who never sold or supplied bogaine to Haman now faces 20 years to life in prison.

How could Alai be charged for supplying and administering a substance that he had not administered you may be asking? Particularly in light of the fact that the State never actually conducted a test to determine if Haman had ibogaine in his blood.

Upon his release from his initial arrest, Alai was informed that there was a gag order placed on him, leaving him unable to raise money for his defense, or to even discuss the case publicly. This is, according to two criminal defense lawyers consulted by Slingshot News, is virtually unheard of in a drug distribution case.

Having exhausted his finances prolonging the life of his beloved stepson Kaiden who had recently passed away, Alai was shocked by the charges against him. His bodybuilding clients abandoned him. Indigent and unprepared for the tremendous legal bills that have started to pile up, Alai was able to apply for, and receive the assistance of two public defenders to represent him in this case.

After conducting an exhaustive investigation for over 17 months, the two public defenders who were to represent Alai assured him repeatedly that there was more than sufficient reasonable doubt in his case. They also informed him that multiple medical experts consulted by the public defenders were prepared to testify that “not only is it medically impossible for a person to die from a minute dose of ibogaine,” but that a “fuller examination of the State’s autopsy would demonstrate that Andy Haman had numerous health issues, including myocarditis, and that ‘a pulmonary embolism more than likely caused his death.”

Alai had plead not guilty at arraignment and the public defenders began to prepare for trial.

Then suddenly, only weeks ago, the public defenders told Alai that he had no choice but to plead guilty and to agree to a minimum15 year prison sentence. The public defenders also told him that he was now unable to refuse their demand, dismiss them, and seek new counsel. They told Alai that the Judge would not allow Alai to change lawyers or defend himself at trial.

Fortunately, none of those things were true. Alai also learned that, although the trial record was sealed, the public defenders’ reaffirmation that he was under a gag order preventing him from discussing his case and raising money for his legal defense was entirely false. Alai refuses to change his ‘not guilty’ plea.

In order to further pressure Alai, he was arrested in a raid on his home by Federal Marshalls on the false claim that Alai had violated his probation by possessing a gun.

Although he insisted that he owns no gun, and no gun was found in the small apartment Alai shares with his son, the fitness legend was handcuffed and perp-walked out of his apartment building. Alai would be held in jail for 7 days before a Judge ruled that he had not violated the terms of his probation, and that those terms of probation did not even include a provision that he could not own a gun, an oversight when prosecutors set his probation condition.

Now Alai, who has had to borrow money from friends and family to feed himself and his son, has until June 30th to raise the $200,000 for a new criminal defense lawyers to defend him at trial, as well has paying multiple expert witnesses who will testify that Andy Haman did not die of a ibogaine overdose, and that the State’s autopsy does not prove otherwise.

Slingshot News Founder Troy Smith Sat Down with Ameen Alai and his son Azi to Discuss The Effects That This Unjust Prosecution Has Had On Their Family

One thing stuck in this reporters mind while reviewing this information, and digging into this heartbreaking case… Why Ameen Alai?

How could Ameen Alai possibly be prosecuted for a crime in which he had no involvement? How could this father, who has been subject to intense emotional pain with the death of his oldest son, possibly be the target of such a wrongful attack by the Justice Department?

We can only assume that Alai is being targeted as the “poster boy” of the federal anti-ibogaine movement that has become more bold as Colorado and other States move to decriminalize and legalize substances that are criminalized at a federal level.

Despite having no involvement in the distribution, sale, possession, or administering of ibogaine, Ameen Alai has been made to feel the full wrath of prosecutors.

As for Jim Tamagini, his business selling the federally illegal Class 1 substance ibogaine has continued uninterrupted. In fact, Tagamini has continued to promote the sale ibogaine from his website amidst the trial of Alai.

Why is Ameen Alai being selectively targeted? Why has Jim Tamagini, who is allegedly responsble for Haman’s use of ibogaine, not been mentioned in the Federal indictment against Alai?

Ameen Alai has launched a GiveSendGo campaign to help fundraise in order to hire a new criminal defense lawyer. We encourage all of our readers to take a look at his page. In January, Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan sent Ameen Alai $10,000 to help him in his fight for freedom.

Asked about his plight Alai told Slingshot News that, “like Andrew and Tristan Tate, the Matrix is trying to destroy me when I am innocent. Like the Tates I will never give up in the fight for my freedom.”

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  1. Sally

    July 3, 2024 at 2:15 pm

    I believe that most court appointed attorneys just try to get a “deal” for their clients. I always thought that those attorneys worked for free. Not so. They get paid very well. And the more defendants they can get to “plead” the more money they make. Of course it is not as much as other attorneys make but it is much easier for them to do. Fill out a few forms.

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