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Tucker Carlson Opens For Kid Rock In Gonzales, Lousiana (Video)



tucker Carlson opens for Kid ROCK TWITTER CLIP

This week, Tucker Carlson made a surprise appearance during a Kid Rock concert in Gonzales, Louisiana, where he spoke about the contrast between the internet and real life.

Tucker began his speech by remarking on how strange it was for him to end up on stage at a Kid Rock show. He detailed the experience of how it came to be, stating that Kid Rock had invited him to open for his tour this summer. Tucker, in confusion, stated, “I don’t play an instrument, I’m an unemployed talk show host. What would I do?” To which Kid Rock replied, “You will figure it out and you will like it.”

Tucker then delves into the contrast between the world depicted on the internet and real life. While he was being bombarded with negativity and hatred on the internet, which was filled with doom and gloom about the future, he was captivated and amazed by the stark contrast of witnessing a large gathering of hardworking Americans who aspire for the best for their country. This contrast led him to a feeling of relief that there are millions of people across this country who are unhappy and want to make things better.

Despite the media’s constant attempts to sow division among the American people, events like Kid Rock concerts serve asa powerful demonstration that, despite efforts to create conflict, individuals from diverse backgrounds unite to appreciategood music and have a great time.

Tucker then praised Kid Rock for his unwavering commitment to being authentically unapologetically American. He also thanked the crowd, which was estimated to exceed 24,000 people, for traveling to the small town of Gonzales, despite its humble population of only 12,000.

Tucker finished his statement by beginning the concert by introducing the main act, Kid Rock to the stage, hyping up the crowd as the guitars started to play.

Watch the clip of Tucker below…

tucker Carlson opens for Kid ROCK TWITTER CLIP
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