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Tulsi Gabbard: Trump’s Key To Expanding The 2024 Electoral Map



As the sweepstakes for Vice President continues to rage in the Republican Party, many have speculated that the former President has already decided who he will choose to serve as the successor to former Vice President Mike Pence.

Among those most often mentioned in ensuing discussions about Trump’s Vice Presidential selection include North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, U.S. Senator from Florida Marco Rubio, former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, who is also a worldclass neurosurgeon, U.S. Senator from Ohio J.D. Vance, and Florida Representative and rising Republican star Byron Donalds.

While all of these individuals possess the normal qualities a typical Republican candidate would require of his Vice Presidential selection in a normal election cycle, 2024 is showing to be anything but a normal election cycle.

Questions Surrounding Biden Shake Up Trump VP Sweepstakes

President Biden, who was viewed as the heavy favorite in the 2024 Election by pollsters earlier in the 2024 cycle has taken a nosedive after his dismal performance in the first Presidential debate against former President Donald Trump.

Rumors now swirl that Biden will step down from his position atop the Democrat ticket prior to the 2024 Election, and that Vice President Kamala Harris, with perhaps California Governor Gavin Newsom, or Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer will take over the ticket.

Now more than ever, Trump has an opportunity to make a strategic advance electorally by choosing a Vice Presidential candidate that expands his elector prospects, instead of keeping them where they currently sit.

Should Trump choose Doug Burgum, or J.D. Vance, top political experts tell Slingshot News that his electoral prospects would not improve. In other words, nobody will vote for Trump that wouldn’t have previously voted for him because of his selection of any of the candidates listed above.

There is one candidate, often left out of the Vice Presidential sweepstakes that improves Trump’s electoral prospects in 2024…

That choice is former Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.

Gabbard, a former Democrat National Committee Vice Chari who served as a Congressional Representative from Hawaii from from 2013-2021.

Gabbard Is One Of The Youngest VP Options For Trump, Helping Him Gain Traction With The Key 18-29 Demographic

Polls show that former President Donald Trump has already made tremendous strides with young voters in the 2024 Presidential Election. Politico highlighted in an article published in April of this year that Trump trailed Biden by 23 points in the 18-29 voter category in 2020.

Biden’s lead in that category as of April 2024 was down to just 8 points, at 45 to 37.

Attracting young voters has always been a tremendous historical problem for Republican candidates. Ben Carson is 72 years old. Doug Burgum is 68, Byron Donalds is 45, and Tulsi Gabbard is just 43.

Not only is Tulsi Gabbard younger than just about every other choice Trump has for Vice President, barring the 39-year-old Senator J.D. Vance, she also carries a tremendous amount of both political and military experience.

Gabbard, a professional surfer and combat veteran who currently serves as a Lieutenant in the Army Reserves, is ardent in her commitment to physical fitness, and is much more appealing to young voters than J.D. Vance, who most assuredly acts far wiser than his years would indicate.

As A Combat Veteran, Gabbard Offers Key Experience For Trump

Interestingly enough, the defining moment of President Biden’s term according to polling data was the fall of Kabul during his Administration’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal in August of 2021.

President Biden has not had a positive approval rating since that disastrous withdrawal, which tragically left 13 U.S. Servicemembers dead.

In an attempt to distance themselves politically from the tragic disaster of their botched Afghanistan withdrawal, the Biden campaign has routinely attacked former President Trump over his support for the Military.

Tulsi Gabbard, who served as a combat veteran in the Iraq War, as well as in Kuwait, would offer Trump a tremendous antidote to Democrat smears about his support for the Military.

The former Congresswoman deployed to Iraq in 2004, serving in that region until 2005. She was stationed in Kuwait from 2008 to 2009.

Independent Young Voters Particularly Align With Gabbard

According to Axios, young voters, especially those in Gen Z are more independent than any generation before them. Tulsi Gabbard is currently registered as an Independent, having left the Democrat Party for which she once served as a leader in 2022.

While maintaining her distance from the political establishment of either Party, Gabbard, perhaps more than any other potential Vice Presidential choice for Trump, offers an additional ‘outsider’ quality to the Trump ticket in a year which is set to heavily favor outsiders.

Trump has gone to war, and won, against the Republican establishment, and though she technically lost her fight to reform her Party, Tulsi Gabbard has never capitulated to the establishment in Washington D.C., a key quality that may be of the upmost importance to the former President.

Young Gen Z voters lean independent. Gen Z Independents in the last several Presidential elections have swayed heavily towards the Democrat side, hinting that Trump may need to politically soften his ticket to the left in order to court these voters into supporting him in 2024.

Gabbard, while offering politically adjacent perspectives on the key issues of war and peace, including endless regime change war, healing financial decay, strengthening our Military, the Second Amendment, and vowing to protect the Constitutional Rights enshrined in our founding documents, also offers Trump a more softened position on the key issue of abortion rights.

While maintaining that she is pro-life, Gabbard has argued for the same regulations as former President Donald Trump, protecting a right for women to choose, as well as protecting the rights of innocent lives in the womb.

The former Democrat Congresswoman is a vocal opponent of U.S. involvement in the war in Ukraine, telling Sean Hannity in 2022,

“If the moral obligation is to do what we can to end the suffering of the Ukrainian people, who are suffering death and destruction, it’s to bring about an end to this war as quickly as possible. President Biden has failed to do that, and he has failed the American people, the people of Ukraine, and the world in doing that.”

Being that she served as a combat veteran in the Iraq war, Gabbard is committed to avoiding conflict, something that former President Trump has also been vocal about. Trump famously said about the war in Ukraine that his solution would be to, “stop the killing.”

On many key issues, including the Israel-Hamas conflict, the war in Ukraine, and the Second Amendment, Gabbard and Trump now share more agreement than disagreement, possibly highlighting a larger American political realignment ripe for capture heading into the 2024 Election.

Gabbard Is A Woman, Which May Be Crucial To Trump’s Chances in 2024

By now, it’s almost certain that you have heard about Donald Trump’s struggles with suburban women. Trump has even jokingly pleaded with suburban women to ‘please vote’ for him during rallies this election cycle.

Trump has notorious problems getting votes from suburban women, a problem for the former President that may be resolved by choosing Tulsi Gabbard as his running mate in 2024.

Gabbard is around the average age of suburban women in the United States. Her unique perspective as a woman, particularly a woman who served in the Armed Forces, makes her a role model for women and girls around the United States.

It’s worth noting that whoever Trump chooses as his Vice President in 2024 will most likely have the best odds of winning the 2028 Presidential election should the ticket win the upcoming election.

If Trump chooses Gabbard, he would be setting the table for perhaps the first woman President in the history of the United States of America.

A History Of Obliterating Vice President Kamala Harris

While running for President in 2020, Gabbard notoriously challenged current Vice President Kamala Harris in the nationally televised Democrat Primary debates, highlighting Harris’ contradictory prosecutorial record on marijuana arrests.

Gabbard pointed out that Harris had prosecuted over 1,500 Californians for marijuana use, but admitted to smoking it herself on the campaign trail, even laughing about the situation.

The former Hawaiian Congresswoman has a history of taking on Kamala Harris in the most effective and public of ways. Should Joe Biden be the nominee in 2024, and Trump chooses Gabbard, Harris would be forced to face down Tulsi Gabbard in a nationally televised Vice Presidential debate.

If Kamala Harris does replace President Joe Biden as the Democrat Presidential nominee, Gabbard could serve as an instrumental tool in defeating the Vice President. Due to Gabbard’s successful attacks, Harris garnered less than 3% of the 2020 Democrat Primary vote before being chosen as President Joe Biden’s running mate.

Gabbard has proven, particularly in the 2020 Election, that she has the antidote for Kamala Harris. Regardless of what happens to the Democrat ticket, it’s more than likely that Kamala Harris will be involved.

It is almost a guarantee that Harris’ worst nightmare is that she will once again have to face Gabbard in a nationally televised debate, especially after serving as Vice President for four years, and with Presidential aspirations in the future.

Gabbard Shakes Up The Electoral Map Like No Other VP Candidate (Maybe Ever)

In states like Pennsylvania, Florida, and North Carolina where Democrats are currently spending millions of dollars in an attempt to gain electoral ground, Tulsi Gabbard may serve as the ultimate spoiler.

While Trump, who struggles to gain ground with Democrat voters may not have a chance of reaching left-leaning swing voters, Tulsi Gabbard does.

While Byron Donalds, J.D. Vance, Marco Rubio, and Doug Burgum do not help Trump gain any ground with these voters, Tulsi Gabbard does.

With the Trump campaign’s eyes set on expanding the elector map in Virginia, where Trump has held several campaign rallies, or New Jersey, where Trump has also held several large campaign rallies, including a mega rally in Wildwood, New Jersey on the beach, Tulsi Gabbard is the only Vice Presidential candidate that boosts Trump profile in these contentious states.

Gabbard saw her most success during the 2020 Election in Pennsylvania, a state that pollsters tell Slingshot News will be crucial to a Trump re-election in 2024.

There is a good chance that if she is chosen as Trump’s Vice President, that Tulsi Gabbard could assist the former President in permanently altering the Electoral Map that we know, shattering political norms that have become afterthoughts in the minds of pundits and analysts alike.

Gabbard’s ‘New Media’ Approach Is Extremely Unique, And Won’t Crowd Trump

While she still appears on mainstream news outlets from time to time, it appears that Tulsi Gabbard pretty much focuses on ‘new media’ during her interactions with the press nowadays, often appearing on podcasts and video platforms belonging to independent reporters rather than spending her time in traditional media outlets.

The ultimate contrast to Gabbard’s approach has been that of North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, who has frequently appeared on mainstream media outlets like NBC, CBS, and ABC, as well as making near hourly appearances on Fox News.

While Burgum has focused on mainstream outlets, as has Senator Marco Rubio, both of these potential Vice Presidential candidates have largely ignored the ‘new media’ and podcast circuit.

This circuit has been heavily utilized by Independent Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who has been relegated to the ‘new media’ because of a mainstream blacklisting of his campaign.

It may not be as ‘flashy,’ but Gabbard’s appearances on podcasts have reached millions of voters, particularly voters in the young demographic that Trump often struggles to appeal to.

In addition to Gabbard’s ‘new media’ strategy potentially reaching an untapped voter base, the former Democrat Congresswoman’s reliance on these outlets will leave the mainstream media appearances largely to Donald Trump, who is known to be a connoisseur of cable news.

Trump and Gabbard: The Great American Political Realignment Personified

If Trump were to choose former Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard as his running mate, it would signify to the Nation that what lies ahead for the Republican Party is not partisan politics, but a more broad coalition of individuals who put personal differences aside in the common interest or rebuilding the American dream.

With Gabbard as his running mate, Trump’s message becomes about realigning the political makeup of the United States, drawing the Republican Party further into the populist tinge it has entered since Trump’s emergence in 2016.

In other words, a Trump-Gabbard ticket becomes about bipartisan solutions, and not partisan bickering.

In the event that Trump chooses Burgum, Carson, Vance, Rubio, or Donalds, all viable and interesting choices, the 2024 Presidential race further devolves into a partisan war between Republicans and Democrats. Based on the events of the last four years, what we are currently experiencing in the United States is not a traditional political scrap, but a revolutionary, seismic political realignment the likes of which our Nation has not seen since the days of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Gabbard remains the most intriguing choice for Trump’s Vice President in 2024, a choice that is likely to have a sizeable impact on the rest of America history.



  1. Philip gately

    July 10, 2024 at 10:47 pm

    Hope he picks Tulsi for VP

  2. Harold Kaufman

    July 11, 2024 at 1:16 am

    Trump-Gabbard would be a winning ticket no matter who the Dems put forth. Unfortunately, Trump’s ego will not let him pick her. He has to be the big dog and cannot have any one challenge that position.

    I would 100% vote for Trump-Gabbard.

  3. Ruthann Bruno

    July 12, 2024 at 1:58 am

    I absolutely agree with every reason for Trump selecting Tulsi Gabbard as hi VP. I see no negatives attached to choosing her. It would be a fantastic strategic move in addition to guaranteeing that we have a trustworthy, competent, honorable patriot as an incumbent in 2028 !!

  4. mike

    July 12, 2024 at 5:38 am

    I can’t imagine she’d accept Trump. She turned down being RFK jr VP. It would not enhance her own reputation, even if she won.

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